How can I pay for services and what does therapy cost?

There are two ways you can pay for services. If your workplace Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP/EFAP) is paying for your therapy, you will need to get approval from your human resource department who will inform you of what you are entitled to in terms of funding for therapy. This would also be the same for any Extended Health Insurance.  Payments can be made by one of the following methods: cash, cheque, debit, visa or mastercard and are to be paid at the time of the session.

What if I get started in therapy and I don’t have a good connection with the therapist?

In the event that you don’t seem to have a good connection with your therapist, we would suggest a couple of options. You can discuss your thoughts and feelings with your therapist to see if that makes any difference. You always have the right to change therapists. You may simply tell us that you would like to see someone else.